Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Company of a Kid

Say KIDS and the first thing that comes screaming to my mind is ENERGY!!!

Where do they get all that energy from? They hardly eat anything, take hours to drink a glass of milk, but the stamina they have to talk, play, jump, laugh and sometimes to cry their guts out is unbelievable. They need no reason to smile and laugh without inhibitions. They so effortlessly make us laugh too. They have the most amazing sense of humour!

We can never escape their embarrassing questions. They seem to have mastered the art of embarrassing the grown-ups. And no answer we give them is good enough. With their short attention span they keep our minds running and chasing their thoughts all the time. They are inqusitive and restless all the time to touch, feel and question about everything that catches their eye. They are scared of weird things and always have stories to tell. An empty coke can, a small match box or even a paper napkin will keep them occupied for hours.

I have a neighbour who has a 3 year old and a 3 months old. I spend atleast an hour with them everyday. The mother sometimes has a tough time handling both of them. Imagine trying to put the little one to sleep while the older one refuses to stop yelling or demands all attention telling some tale with all the excitement possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that we too were as innocent and happy as a child. Play with a kid for some un-ingibited laughter. It sure is a stress buster. And ofcourse, they are capable of teaching us a lot.


  1. lol
    crazy times.
    crazy lives and wow how we have grown up to be cranky and so out of patience!

  2. ha ha ha that's sweet and soo true!!!So u got this idea seeing ur neighbour's kid, yeah he's cute!

  3. So true... And I believe that the best way to stay young is to relive childhood with children. My youngest cousin is 7, and its fun to get his point of view in general on everything and Though it makes all laugh, I see some sense.

    That's a really cool post.

  4. U bet Seher, as kids we needed no reason to laugh and now we look for reasons to frown. We should'nt let a part of us grow.

    Aruna, kids can inspire you ;)!

    Vishnu, you are so true. I sometimes feel like a 'complicated dumb ass' around a kid. They keep life so simple. And funny!

  5. yup it is difficult to imagine that we too were as innocent and happy as a child. but all the innocence n happiness vanishes as we grow up..

  6. Laddu - I guess in the course of time we learn the harsh realities of life.
    Thanks for reading.