Wednesday, April 1, 2009

After a long break

I have been away for a loooong loooong time. I was in India for a month and came back home last week. I had very limited access to the internet the last one month. Now I know I have a lot to catch up on. 3 things I missed terribly the last one month were my husband, my turtles and the blogs I ardently read. I had a lot of stuff to do while I was there and have a lot more stuff to do now. By now, I am sure, some of my friends would be thinking I am dead or something.

I did a lot of furniture shop hunting, window shopping, met up with friends. I saw Delhi 6. What a disaster the movie is. Slumdog Millionaire was nice and enjoyed Dev D. I watched Dev D it with 2 of my cousins and my mom. Taking mom along was a bad idea but it was too late by the time we realised that. She couldn’t leave ‘coz it was a late night show. I kinda like Abhay Deol. He looks good and acts well. He is a ‘paisa vasool’ for me.

The day I was leaving Shalini (one of my best friends and one of my fav. People) gave me a great news!!!! I will not reveal it yet (I am a little superstitious you see.)

After the activity filled break, I am back all geared up and charged. Most of all, I am glad I am back home.


  1. heyyyyyyyy Rachu, welcome back.................its been real long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! you have any idea how much i missed u?
    huh huh :(

    but i guess we all need are breaks to actually know who cares and who doesnt
    welcome back dear!

  3. WOW!!! Thanks Seher. I just loved ur reaction :). Nice to know u missed me. U have no clue how much I missed ur blogs. I have so so much to catch up on!!!

  4. Thanks Aruna! Lots to catch up on ur blog too.