Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot And New

A couple of days back, while surfing channels at Tanz’s house, I stopped to watch an interview on a Telugu channel. Actually I stopped to see the guy being interviewed. He looked nice. And then he looked familiar. And then I started thinking aloud “Is this Vamsi?”

“You know him?” Tanz asked.

“This looks like Vamsi. He is from Vizag and he was 1 year my junior in college.”

What impressed me more was the way he spoke in fluent telugu unlike a lot of other new comers who talk as if they were bought up in some foreign country.
Today when I called to talk to my mom I asked her to go see the new movie “Ooha Chitram”. I told her the hero is from Vizag and was my junior.

She said, “Yeah, Vamsi nah. You don’t remember him or what?”

“Remember??? Did I know him?”

“Yes you do. He is Rama aunty’s son. Dr. Rama aunty. You, Raja, Vamsi, Radha, all you guys used to play together.”

Apparently we were neighbors when we were kids. ‘Rama aunty’ does strike a bell but I have no memory of Vamsi Krishna.

Ofcourse there is one new comer with every movie these days but Vamsi Krishna is definitely one good looking guy I have seen in Tollywood in a long time. No, I am not saying this because he is from my home town or because he was my junior. Neither because we played hide and seek as kids. But because I really like his looks. I actually think he is pretty hot!!!

I sure will watch his movie when I get a chance and hope he is a better actor than most of the wannabe’s.

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