Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV is Boring.

Gone are the days of the “Saas Bahu” drama. Now it is reality shows everywhere. Not that the saas bahu serials were any good.
I once, long time ago, did make the mistake of watching 2 episode one of the “K” serials with my aunt. I had no clue what it was about them kept the women folk glued to TV’s. They were so irritating, annoying and ridiculous.

And now reality shows have taken over. They are there on every channel. One hardly get to see a decent entertainer on TV these days. Unless ofcourse you are a sucker for either gross or bitchy stuff.

There is so much bitching and foul language on the show that there is more “beep” than their actual talk. I learnt swear words in college and my little brother in school. Kids these days are probably learning all that in play school itself. The thought itself is horrifying. Contestants are just not tired of bitching about each other. How negative can one be?

And then there are another set of shows which are so gross that make it difficult for me to have a meal if watch it even for a couple of minutes. Cockroaches, spiders, snakes…yukkkk. How the hell can one just let them crawl all over? And that too half naked. Seriously, aren’t the contestants half naked most of the time? I am not prude but am not out of my mind either. I sometimes wonder if all these people are confuse between being modern and being western.

What’s the point of having so many channels when we don’t get decent stuff to watch. I wonder if it because of lack of creativity. TV channels compete in being gross and bitchy and disgusting.
Seriously, TV, these day's is such a bore.

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