Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love OR Friendship!?!?

[Written for “You’ve Been Tagged!”]

According to me, Friendship is a relationship that is based on trust and respect. We meet a lot of people at school, college, work place, neighborhood etc. but only few become friends. That is because there is something extra that we have with these people. And there are some people with whom, even if we meet/talk after years, we feel like nothing has changed between us. That is because, irrespective of the distance and time, we still respect them and trust them. Sure respect needs to be earned, but if I respect someone but do not trust the person or visa-versa, it is not friendship that I share with that person.

Love is a bond based on friendship. I might not love every friend of mine but to be able to love someone it is important for me to be able to see a friend in him or her. Love for a person increases or decreases not with time or distance but with the trust and respect that I have for a person. I know I love a friend, when, I really cannot explain why!

Both friendship and love are important in a marriage, I believe, a marriage works best when there is friendship, love and compatibility. Never-the-less, if not great, it can still be good if there is friendship and compatibility. A lot of relationships work not necessarily because there is love, but definitely because of respect and trust.

It might take a lifetime to be able to love a person. But it is the friendship that makes the wait worthwhile!

I am lucky, like most others, that I did not have to compromise. My husband is my best friend, I love him, unconditionally, and ‘Thank God’ we are compatible. [Touchwood!].


  1. Well said Rachu, absolute truth it is!!!!! I married my childhood sweetheart and i feel i'm the luckiest person on this earth!!!!!

  2. Touchwood Aruna! We have shared similar dream and today we are living them. Life is good!

  3. i wish i could marry the friend... but you just cant always get what you want from life..
    sometimes it works in weird ways!

  4. Seher, I agree sometimes life works in weird ways. We plan something and something else happenes and the we live in hope. But, Life is good.

  5. I am happy for you - touchwood on your relatonship. :)

    Thanks for joing the tag.

  6. Thank you Asma :) and you are welcome!


    hope you add to the tag :)