Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Right Here Right Now

Sometimes your days become so monotonous that everything that you do is in a flow...from the time you wake up till the time you fall asleep. There are days when I want to break the routine. Well, that’s why I guess we have weekends!

Right here, the place that I live in, there is really not much I can do by myself. So I am stuck indoors all day. I can only dream of walking alone in a park or even in the street. I so long for the days when I can do all that I enjoy doing outdoors, even if on my own...like,
1. Window shopping (with out being bothered about my husband waiting outside the store)
2. Walking in the aisles of the supermarket looking at every product I want to without either the intention to buy OR the pressure of ‘Done?’ (I once told my husband that I hate it when he says ‘hurry up!’ so now he asks ‘Done?’. Smart @&&!)
3. Sitting in a corner seat of a cafe and reading a book (not bothered about how long I’ve been there or how many coffee’s I have had)
4. Taking a long walk in a park with the pleasure of not talking or listening to anyone
5. Go watch a movie on impulse (even if I have to watch it alone)
6. Go to a vegetable vendor in the street corner where I can bargain (adha kilo bees rupai...kya bhaiyya..pandra lagalo...aur sabji lene hain)
7. Dress up and go for dinner (here dressing up means wearing an ‘abhaya’)
Well, there is more to the list. I look forward to doing all that on my next visit abroad (yeah, I have to go out of this country to do all that. I live in Saudi).

Right now, I am enjoying the pleasant weather (sitting indoors ofcourse). The winter is over and the summer has not set in yet. BTW- I hate winters. I dislike everything about winter...cold nights, dark mornings, dry skin, frizzy hair, thick clothes...
I am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and taking care of my two pet turtles (Tilu & Bhole). I have so much fun just watching them eat, swim and crawl. When I talk to them they actually look up as if they understand. Tilu is docile and Bhole is a bully. They are so tiny and want so little.

I am dancing to the tune of Marjani and just can’t get enough of You get me Rocking&Reeling (I especially the Hindi lines of the song. Both from Billu Barber). I am a sucker for romantic songs (anything romantic actually) and am still listning to Kucch Khaas Hai and Marjawa from Fashion. I am loving the music of Delhi 6 and looking forward to watch the movie.


  1. ohhh i love all songs from billu barber... darn prretum has done absolute ayyyy aaaa ooo work ;)

    p.s. fashion also had some good music... aashiyana is my first pref though!!

  2. awesome... someones havin fun it seems... keep enjoyin gal, n have fun :)

    turtles??? how cool is that!!!

    and i love dillli 6 songs too... n a sucker for romantic songs as wll...so i know wt u mean :)....hv u hrd the non hip hop version of khudaya khair from biloo barber...its awesome!!!

  3. Heart'n'Soul- Thanks for dropping by. Yes I have heard the non-pop version. I agree it's awsome.