Tuesday, May 5, 2009


[Written for You've Been Tagged!]

There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts in life. My top 8 DON’Ts are:

1. Don’t burn your bridges.
It is a small world. You never know when again you might have to face an old employer or a friend. By burning your bridges you are only closing down on opportunities in life.

2. Don’t take a decision when you are confused.
When you are not sure which way to go don’t go. When you’re confused, step back, clear your mind, take some time to think, and then decide.

3. Don’t bring up old issues/problems when in an argument.
The key word is ‘focus’. Bringing up old issues will not solve your present problem. What’s over is a closed chapter.

4. Don’t ever stop communicating with your spouse.
Always talk to your spouse about your concerns and worries. It is important for a couple to share not only happy thoughts but also the fears. By communicating you will not only be happy but you will make your lives simple.

5. Do not make casual calls to your married friends after 9 pm and before 9 am.
Gossiping can wait until tomorrow. Don’t disturb your friend and his/her family between 9 pm. And 9 am. It is family time for them.

6. Don’t ever stop learning.
It is important to learn new things. It keeps you young, energetic and sane.

7. Don’t forget the lessons learnt.
We all make mistakes in life. But it’s important we don’t repeat our mistakes.

8. Don’t forget to laugh.Laughter sure is the best medicine.
A sense of humor will help you sail through the toughest of times.


  1. very true.. i would like to add one more.. don't forget to tell your parents that you love them and miss them even more...

  2. i couldnt agree with you more.
    terrific list of dont Rachana :)!!

  3. WOW - You sound just like my husband! He implements all these values in his own life - his friends always appreciate having him around. I have learnt all this from him too. :)

    Thankyou so much for adding to the tag. :)

  4. KoolKap - Very true!

    Seher, Thank you! I'm glad you think its terrific :)

    Aruna - it works great too.

    Asma - that means you relate to all that I said. These are a few things that I stick to. Also, was wondering if I could post on your previous 12 tags and leave the link to them on ur blog.