Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Am Sleeping All Day

I have been a mess for a week now. I have been terribly weak with no energy to even make a cup of tea. My medical reports are normal, which is good, but I don’t know what’s causing the weakness. All I have been doing is just sleep all day. Reading even a few paragraphs is like a big task.

I am too tired to write anymore than this. So, until I feel better, I will follow my doctor’s advice and sleep.


  1. yes please.
    do rest.
    but recover fast.
    ur presence is imp.

  2. hey wat happened Rachu......wat's wrong with u?????

  3. Seher-Thank you so much. I promise to be back ASAP.

    Aruna-I wish I knew whats wrong :(

    man of the house-Thank you!