Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Him Again

Last night I met him again. I was boarding the train to Vizag, my hometown, and I saw him making his way through the luggage in the compartment. He was politely smiling at all the teenage girls and ladies who were gasping at the very sight of him. He was wearing light brown trousers and a black t-shirt. I followed him across 3 compartments. He sat on his berth and noticed me standing there with thousands of words in my eyes. He smiled at me and I died.

Everybody in the train was staring at him, their eyes popping out but he seemed to be unaffected by the attention. I wanted to talk to him, wanted to touch him once, hold his hand and have endless conversations. I just wanted to drown in his eyes. It really didn’t matter how he felt about me. I was awestruck by his very presence.

It was as if my prayers were answered. He looked into my eyes and flashed his killer smile. His smile said he could read in my eyes how much I adored him. He said “why don’t you join us” and made space for me to sit next to him. I sat down still not able to believe that my dream was coming true.

In no time, we started talking as if we have been doing so for years. We were laughing, sharing ‘chai’ from the same cup (how romantic!), taking pictures and pulling each other’s leg. And I somehow convinced him to stay over at my place while he was in Vizag. He said he would do so only if I promised to show him around the city and be with him as long as he was there.

We reached home and I introduced my family to him and everybody was more than thrilled to meet him. My dad even shared a drink with him. After dinner just when I was about to kiss him goodnight I heard a voice say, “Baby, its 6 o’clock. Don’t you want to wake up?”

“We were so close” I said smiling impishly, still lying in bed and my husband immediately knew who I was referring to.

“ Ohhh…what did he say this time?” he said laughing.

I sat up in my bed and thought, yet again, “George, you’re just a dream away!”

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  1. huh till today i get a dream where i'm still struggling to marry my one to support me!! My husband regrets the fact that there was no adventure in our marriage....everything went so smooth, no fighting, zero violence.....may b that's y i gey weird dreams!