Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just A Dream Away!

Every time I see him, I skip a heartbeat. I feel butterflies in my stomach every time I anxiously wait to watch him. When I hear his voice, the world around me comes to a halt. I cant hear my own heartbeat. He smiles and I go weak in my knees. Even while he is talking to others around him, he has my attention. I start feeling coy, mushy and like a teenager in love. The sheer sight of him makes me realize how much a woman I am. And my hormones play havoc just by thinking about him. And just when he looks right into my eyes (like in my screensaver now) my heart starts beating so fast I think I’m going to die.

Apart from being breath-takingly handsome and outrageous sexy he is genuinely talented, tastefully rich and extremely famous. That I guess makes him even more desirable.

Yeah people, George Clooney that is. No man has ever had that kind of an effect on me. Different men different effects at different times…yeah. But one man all this at the same time. No way!

I never quite follow his movies the first time coz I pay no attention to the story line. All I see is only him…his smile, his eyes, his walk... I love his interviews. His quick wit, sensitivity, his charisma, aura and style leave me wanting more.

George Clooney (ahhhhhh…I take his name and I skip a heartbeat) did propose to me once. Ofcourse in my dream. If he did that for real I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this. He said “I am tired of being just friends with you. You know I love you (and flashed that killer smile at me and said) lets get married.” I almost had a heart attack in my dream.

You know the funny part? I had this dream on my first wedding anniversary. In the morning, even before getting out of bed I told my husband about the dream and he asked me if I slept long enough to get married. I told him we didn’t get married but I had suggested something. I said, “Look George, I love you too. You are the only person I want to be with. Ever. But, I am not sure I want to marry you.”

Every time I see his picture I think, ‘George, you’re just a dream away!’


  1. Hey Rachu, he's my favourite too.....!His charisma is unbeatable! I pretty much envy all the girlfriends he dated and also his X-wife :(

  2. U bet!!! Envy is a very mild term. And not just a fav mannnn, he is a the ultimate. An epitome of female fantasy.

  3. hey i am mad atyou for dreaming about him. he doesnt come in my dream whaaaaaaaaa :(

  4. The ancient soul- He's taken sweetheart!!! lol...