Monday, January 19, 2009

Contented Ambition

Someone once said… “If you are contented you cannot be ambitious.”

People struggle all their lives to achieve their goals one after the other. Sometimes the goals that have been set for them by others (peers, family, society, competitors). They run the rat race everyday only to see that someone overtook them when they stopped to take a breath. When they do this day in and day out, nothing else matters. They want to achieve everything. They want everything they set their mind and heart on. Money, Power, Fame, Position, Recognition. Sometimes wine and women too!

They become so busy and obsessed with their work that they don’t realize there are people they are taking for granted. There are wives who are expected to understand when the husband does not make it to a family dinner because he is busy making a deal. Daughters who are expected to be happy with a Barbie because daddy could not stand by their side while making their birthday wish. Sons, on sports day, are expected to understand that papa is making money to buy him a new cricket bat.

Is having a great office, an obedient staff and a set of loyal customers enough to make you happy? Especially when you always want more. Nothing is ever enough. There is always more to ‘so much’. It’s nice to be ambitious. But it is important to stop and appreciate life. What’s the point of running a race that will never end? Even if it does, even before you celebrate your victory you are preparing for yet another race.

So stop. Look at what you have. What you really have. Your loved ones, the ones who wait for you patiently. The ones who are getting used to being taken for granted, by you. If you really love someone, do not take them for granted. By doing so you are only disrespecting them.

I am ambitious. Ambitious about keeping my husband happy and being happy myself, all the time. If I can sleep well and wake up smiling every morning I know I have achieved my goal.

If you don’t enjoy the very moment you live in there is no point planning for tomorrow. Tomorrow you cannot avoid. Yesterday you cannot change. All you have control over is NOW. Live in the moment. Smile. Be contented.

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