Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change? Right now?

This post is totally because of “You’ve Been TAGGED!” . If not for her thought provoking question I would have continued living thinking ‘I don’t want to change a thing in my life’. Thank God I am still evolving.

What is that one thing that you would change in your life RIGHT NOW?”

Hmmmmm! Can I change 2 things instead? Please.
Thing One: Lose enough weight now so I don’t look chubbier than what I look now when I put on weight when I become pregnant.

I just can’t be determined enough to lose weight. I have been trying to lose weight for years now. I have given into various forms of exercises at different phases of my life. Walking, aerobics, swimming and yoga. Just when I get comfortable with bending and twisting my body I quit.

I am determined when it comes to anything else. Like, no eating chocolates for a month, not talking to that dame ever again, I am not gonna call him till he does, that is none of my business so I will keep away, I have my husband I don’t need yours…you see what I mean?

The last time I was determined to lose weight was 3 weeks ago (does that ring a bell?). It was my New Year resolution, so I religiously did yoga for 2 weeks. Even before I realized, I stopped.

Thing Two: I want to rise and shine!

“I will stay up all night, watch movies, have hot cocoa, go for a long drive and more… but please don’t wake me up for a romantic ‘let's watch the sun rise’ stuff. And honey, don’t get frisky before I have my morning cup” is what I told my husband when we decided to get married. He sooo knows it now I wasn’t kidding. And I realiz he wasn’t joking when he said ‘Sweetheart, in the night you might have to do all that watch movie with hot cocoa stuff alone.’ Within 30 mins after dinner he is in deep slumber. And he is so full of energy in the mornings.

I am so not myself in the mornings. I am cranky and become one of those people whom you wouldn’t want to recognize the night after. You put me to bed at 8 pm if u want, I still can’t wake up after 8 hours. If I have to wake up early, I rather not sleep at all. I so envy my husbands ability to sleep early and wake up early. I want to be a morning person too.

An after thought: What am I gonna do when I have a kid??? How am I gonna deal with all that potty training, giving it a bath, getting it ready for school, breakfast, lunch box and all that. OMG!!! What if I have twins the second time???

Is there some ‘am not a morning person but am a mother’ kinda help group I could join some day?


  1. First - thankyou so much for adding to my blog.

    Second - dont take so much tension!
    You will be fine. dont take tension on weight loss - start a normal good routine, and also, you will be a great mom! you will worry so much the kid will be over protected ;)

  2. Asma, Thank you for tagging and the sweet words. Looking forward to ur next question :)

  3. well well, your change is so true to the core. I have had enough trouble losing weight but mornings... i think it is the effect my name has on me.
    hope your chnage comes soon!

  4. Seher- First of all, thanks for following.
    I hope the change comes soon too. And its nice to know I am not alone. heee heee

  5. My god... So its true about the opposites being attracted... My man is Nocturnal and I am A Morning PERSON...

    Your this post made me laugh sooo MUCH.

  6. Yeah Vishnu, I think the theory is correct after all.
    Am glad it made u laugh...
    AND... I so cant wakeup in the mornings..... haaa haa