Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Real Taste Of Life!

More than a decade ago, Zee TV used to play this ad at 8 pm during the weekdays. I was in class 9 then and I used to make sure I would be in front of the TV at that time to see this ad.
This has been one of my all time favorite ads. I like everything about it. It is so full of life. The jingle is catchy, video true to life. And the chocolate…ummmmmmm…it’s a piece of heaven. I love the way my teeth sink into it. The ad and the chocolate make me happy. Very happy. No matter how many varieties of chocolates I eat, nothing makes me as happy as a piece of Cadbury Dairy Milk.
Yummmmmmmmmm…..Asli swaad zindagi ka!

Am having a piece of it right now while uploading the video. Can you imagine how happy I am at this very moment :)



  1. I surely envy u for this.......i'm going through a very rough time resisting chocolates!I tried my best to ignore their existence but damnnnnnnnnnnnnn this one surely tempts me, slurp....slurp.....slurp!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haaaaaa haaaaaa...I clearly know what to resist and what not to. Go ahead and indulge!!!

  3. Hi rachu,

    Every day i check mails, i eagerly wait for ur new topic adding to your blog. i get inspired the way you write.... , which is inssiting me to read meore and more i say ..... I LIKE IT.... :)

  4. Thanks Divya! The fact that you guys read and enjoy it inspires me to write. I LIKE IT that you like it ;)

  5. lookig forward for more interesting topics ......Rachu ( Anajli...:)

  6. used to be my favorite milk choc

  7. Chriz- 'used to be'. What's your fav now?