Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Just A Name

(Written for “You’ve Been TAGGED!" )

I went through a phase, as a kid, when I wished my name was anything but Rachana. I remember once, as a little kid, saying to my dad, ‘It is a stupid name. I don’t know anybody with that name. Others don’t have it ‘coz it is not nice.’ He simply said, ‘Come and tell me this again a couple of years later and I will change it.’ He was so confident that I was going to grow up to like, appreciate and love my name. My paternal grandfather was a writer. He used to write articles, short stories and poems. That is why my dad named me Rachana.

Rachana in Sanskrit means ‘creation/literature.’ At a later age I used to get very excited to hear people on the radio say ‘rachana’ before playing every song (meaning lyrics by so and so). My family calls me Rachu and friends gave me various versions like Raach, Rac, Raccha and Channa. My name for any kind or form of correspondence was, is and will always be Rachana. And I like the feel of Vinay(my husband’s name) and the sound of Radhakrishnan( his last name) next to it. Hence Rachana Vinay Radhakrishnan. Its more than just a name. It reminds me of what I carry along as I go. It's my identity.

I believe that the name is a very important part of a person. It can affect the personality of the person to a large extent. A name is more than just a word or words by which someone or something is known. They make an impression the moment you introduce yourself, and, first impressions count. I want to give my kid(s) beautiful names (when I have them). I personally like them simple and short names.

Ps: I haven’t met another ‘Rachana’ till date.


  1. havent you met rachana puran singh?
    that is her name right :)

    well your name is unqiue. and has a beautiful meaning to it. keep your head up always :) i see you going towards being a professional english tutor :D shakespeare?

  2. Seher- Yeah...I try to be a person as beautuful as my name. It's tough sometimes. haaa haaa.And she is Archana Puran Singh :)

  3. i love your name! it is so exotic but i guess i don't meet many people around here like you.. not as much diversity here :( it's great that you think name's give a lot about your personality. i said the opposite but i'm sure there's some truth to both views.. i absolutely LOVE that rachana is sanskirt for creation/literature!

  4. I think that it is a unique name. It has a music sound to it.

  5. Thanks for adding to the TAG post. :)

    Rachana reminds me of a beautiful boat on a serene lake for some reason. I am a very nature oriented person actually - and I love water and being around it. :)

    Plenty of "Asma"s around. :) SO I add my husbands name to it to make it unique. A name is your identity - you should be proud of it. :)

  6. Floreta- Thank you so much for reading. I am flattered that you think my name is exotic. Thank you! In India sometimes children are given really really embarassing names. I guess there is a bit of truth in your view too, but I wouldnt want to take a chance ;).

  7. Khaled KEM- Music sound!!! Wow. I just fell in love with my name a little more :)

  8. Asma, Thank YOU for giving us reasons to write :)
    If my name can remind you of something so beautiful, I am more than happy. Actually, I too love nature a lot. I love the waters too. (Infact I have recurring dreams).
    And 'Asma' is so beautiful too. Anything with 'nature' in it cant be bad.

  9. Yes it is indeed a sweet name :)
    Rachana... such a feminine sound to it :)

  10. name is Rachana too...i too kinda didn't like my name...i feel my name would sound better if it was Rachna... Rachna Kashyap .. atleast when pronounced like that, it will sound more mordern n kind of sweet. my friends call me achchu or simply rach... But i'm proud of my name. :)

  11. Hi Rachana, Thanks for dropping by. I get what you say...Rachna does sound a little more modern. Nice that you like your name :)