Saturday, June 13, 2009

Discovering Peace

Sometimes you ‘experience’ moments that leave you with a feeling of fullness. A feeling that you cannot control. A feeling that you cannot explain. A state of bliss.

I felt that early this morning. When I was talking to my in-laws. They, finally, after more than a year of persuasion, have enrolled into the basic course of the “Art of Living”. Just talking to them about their experience made me feel at peace. Even without realizing, tears started rolling down. It was a spiritual moment.

Like everybody else, they were reluctant about the idea. They gave every excuse possible (which do not really qualify for an excuse), like anybody else would. I have never persuaded anybody for anything as much as I did my In-laws to do the course. I must admit that there were times when I thought there was no use explaining it to them. My mom-in-law always listened to me talk about it and a couple of times I heard her tell people “My daughter-in-law is a follower of Guruji.” I never missed the sense of pride that she had in her voice while mentioning it to others. We talked about it a lot of times but somehow her enthusiasm never lasted beyond the conversation.

Three days ago she had called saying that somebody had come home to tell that there was a class starting in the building right opposite to their house. That day, again, after cajoling her, I had decided that I was never again going to talk to her about it. It is not in my character to push someone so much.

Just 3 days of Pranayam and Sudarshan Kriya and my dad-in-law said, “I cannot explain the feeling” and my mom-in-law said, “I am at peace with myself.” Isn’t that amazing?
I just want to say…

“Amma and Papa, I am so glad that you two are doing the course. You deserve the tranquility and the new found sense of being. You have picked up a good habit; make sure you don’t give it up.”
Jai Guru Dev!!!